Sand, Gravel & Granite

Located on the outskirts of Rockhampton, Pink Lily Sands extracts a range of products from the Fitzroy River. A proud member of the Hardcore Sands company, this business has invested heavily in equipment to ensure it has the capacity to provide high quality product on time and in the quantities required.

The product range at Pink Lily Sands includes:

  • Fine, medium and course-washed sand
  • 5mm, 12mm, 20mm and oversized river pebble
  • Granite
  • Blue Metal Aggregates and Stone Dust
  • Specialty blends to suit customer specifications

Pink Lily Sands is also proud of having achieved the following:

  • Quality Assurance third party certificate to AS/NZS ISO 9001
  • Fully intergrated Enviromental Management Plan
  • Main Roads Quarry Assessment Certificate C123
For enquiries, please email